• Our Commitment

    We committed to providing customers value-added services. We strive to develop a long-term business relationship with our customer, which is founded on our ability to help identify and recomm-end the best solution for each customer's business environment.

    Key To Success

    We strive for continuous improvement in our relationships with customers and our ability to provide quality products and solutions to our customers requirements without losing focus of our 'Right-on-Time' delivery system.


    Professional staff handles this department. Customer satisfaction has been defined as the ultimate goal. RHR Consol India Pvt. Ltd. acts as buyers’ consolidating agent for various big and medium size buying houses spread over Europe, Scandinavia & USA.

    Manage Your Package
    From Local to THE WORLD.

    RHR Consol is a logistics provider of integrated freight solutions. RHR provides dedicated freight solution including:

    AIR CARGO Shipping

    Our cargo be it Airport to Airport or Door to Door, for prompt movement, we have dedicated team & active network to provide round the clock services as per priority implies

    SEA Shipping

    Sea shipping is a crucial aspect of international trade and transportation, We provide a cost-effective and reliable way to transport goods over long distances

    GROUND Shipping

    Road transport is a flexible and cost-effective solution for the delivery of goods and cargo. We specialize in the transportation of goods by road, offering services such as trucking, freight brokerage, and delivery management.

    Why Choose

    RHR Consol ??

    • RHR Consol leads in Sea Cargo Consolidation for both export and import. With a dynamic and ambitious management team boasting years of experience in shipping and logistics, RHR Consol aims to provide valuable solutions to the complexities of international trade and logistics.
    • Our consolidation services prioritize direct connectivity to major ports worldwide, minimizing transit times and re-handling at transshipment points, all while offering competitive rates.
    • Committed to quality initiatives, we continuously strive to enhance service levels and exceed customer expectations.
    • RHR Consol, with professionalism and a strong command in the logistics business, aims to deliver not just quality service but something truly exceptional every day.


    Door To Door


    Customs Broker

    ODC Shipment

    Custom House Agency

    Air Cargo