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RHR Consol is a logistics provider of integrated freight solutions. RHR provides dedicated freight solution including:

AIR CARGO Shipping

Our cargo be it Airport to Airport or Door to Door, for prompt movement, we have dedicated team & active network to provide round the clock services as per priority implies

SEA Shipping

Sea shipping is a crucial aspect of international trade and transportation, We provide a cost-effective and reliable way to transport goods over long distances

GROUND Shipping

Road transport is a flexible and cost-effective solution for the delivery of goods and cargo. We specialize in the transportation of goods by road, offering services such as trucking, freight brokerage, and delivery management.

- Services We Offer -


Professional staff handles this department. Customer satisfaction has been defined as the ultimate goal. RHR Consol Pvt Ltd. acts as buyers’ consolidating agent for various big and medium size buying houses spread over Europe, Scandinavia & USA. Buyers and their agents in India and overseas are always informed of the cargo readiness and stuffing is done as per buyer's instructions.

Door To Door

This service combines road and/or rail transport with maritime transport to collect or deliver cargo from or to a final destination beyond load or discharge port. Deliveries are coordinated according to the consignee's designated schedule. This service also allows you for cargo arriving in programmed order, eliminating bottlenecks. We also arrange chassis to suit the shipper's cargo needs


This department manages regular LCL consolidation from various seaports and inland terminals to global destinations, including the USA, Europe, the United Kingdom, Scandinavia, East Europe, Turkey, the Mediterranean, Far East, South Africa, Mauritius, UAE, and the Upper Gulf, including the Red Sea. Our clients have a unique advantage with our 24x7 'PhoneTrack' and online 'Global Track & Trace' system, providing real-time information on their shipments worldwide.

Customs Broker

This department provides pre-shipment advice to facilitate smooth shipments and clearance between shipper's warehouses and major ports/ICD's. Advance notification of all necessary documentation is given to shippers/consignees, preventing detention or demurrage charges at load or destination ports. Our officers are well-versed in custom procedures and stay in constant touch with port and customs officials for timely shipment clearance.

ODC Shipment

We transport Over Dimension Consignments and Heavy cargo using special ODC equipment within India or between ports. Our 24x7 'PhoneTrack' and online 'Global Track & Trace' system offer clients a unique advantage to monitor their shipments worldwide, hassle and tension free.

Custom House Agency

We successfully operate a Custom House Agency (Customs Clearing/Brokerage) with satisfied customers valuing our professional, cost-effective, and transparent service. Additionally, we maintain excellent relations with Custom and Port personnel, ensuring top priority for our consignments.

Air Cargo

RHR Consol has built and maintained a strong partnership with the world's premier air carriers. Our confirmed space allocations guarantee you flexibility in routing. We offer regularly scheduled consolidation, deferred and expedited services. Our experienced personnel will provide you with accurate detailed documentation from start to finish. As your single carrier, you have one point of contact for all aspects of your shipment and full accountability from us

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